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Maximize revenue without risk, expensive start up cost or infrastructure change

Dedicated Outsourced Credentialed Staff Local To Your Community

Our locally based, clinically trained care coordination team can perform as an extension of your office, eliminating the need for additional technology or staff.  Your directives and clinical methodology guides our coordinated care from day one. Our methods are adapted to your standards of care and processes with your patients, leaving you in control while shrinking your workload.  We’ll handle your CCM program from end to end, maintain CMS program compliance, share patient records and PHI appropriately and securely, and provide invoices for your billing department at the end of each month. All of this is done under the general supervision of the billing practitioner, by qualified clinical staff who live in the community they serve. MD Clinical Solutions care coordination team helps to enable health providers and payers to achieve value by optimizing their operations business models and infrastructure.

Value Based Healthcare Providers - Md Clinical Solution

CMS is migrating from legacy fee-for-service reimbursements to payments that are linked to high-value health care. Value based care is accelerating in the United States because of new legislation and redesign of payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Patients with chronic diseases account for substantial use of health care resources, payers and health systems are focusing on maximizing the value of care for these patients. Because chronic conditions impose a major health burden worldwide affecting the health and lives of many individuals and families as well as substantial costs for individuals and payers, providers must understand how they can improve their practices. CMS recognizes Chronic Care Management as a critical component of primary care. 


CCM programs are expanding and more incentives are being provided to physicians extending these services to patients. Reimbursement for CCM programs have increased by as much as 54% in 2022!  At the same time, reimbursements for office visits are going down.  

Value Based Healthcare - Prioritizing Patient Outcomes

The Time Is Now For CCM!

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